Building a New Home versus Buying an Existing Home

Are you thinking about a new home in the Fort Collins or Loveland area? Have you debated whether to buy an existing home or build a new home? From energy efficiency to modern conveniences, there are a number of benefits to building a new home:

“Homes today aren’t built like they used to be” – Have you ever heard that one? This is completely true. Homes are built FAR SUPERIOR today than they used to be. Not because home builders in the past did a poor job. They just didn’t have the same strict regulations and advancements in building science that we have now. Today’s building codes and energy codes require a very high standard of construction. From modern exterior weatherproofing systems to current electrical standards, new homes are built more durable, safer, and energy efficient. Each and every new home built in Northern Colorado today must have an approved structural plan designed by a licensed structural engineer. This includes specifications on concrete foundation walls, beams, posts, window headers, door headers, etc. This is all based off a geotechnical (soils) report that is completed by a separate geotechnical engineer. They recommend design guidelines based on soils characteristics. The structural engineer uses these guidelines to design a structural plan for your new home. There are more steel clips, connectors, and fasteners required today than you could imagine. We’ve recently built a home that had 18 “hurricane straps” throughout the home which were required by the structural engineer. Yes, “hurricane straps” in Colorado. They are approximately 40”x4” heavy duty steel connectors which tie the concrete foundation to the framed wood walls. Even five years ago this wouldn’t have been required. The amount of exterior weatherproofing has also been greatly increased. This prevents water intrusion into the home that could lead to expensive repairs. Plumbing and electrical systems in a new home follow up to date stringent codes. You also don’t need to worry about asbestos or lead paint. You can sleep well at night knowing your family is safe in your new home.

Energy efficiency – Even a home built to the minimum energy efficiency standards today will be more efficient than 80% of homes built 10 years ago, and it will be more energy efficient than 99% of homes built 20 or more years ago.  Schroetlin Custom Homes builds most home with a MINIMUM of R22 wall insulation, R44 attic insulation, R11 basement wall insulation, insulated garages, and spray foam insulation surrounding all draft prone areas like windows, exterior penetrations, etc. Nearly all new furnaces are high efficient. Modern furnaces and air conditioners run less often and are much quieter than systems in older homes. Plumbing fixtures use less water and most appliances and light fixtures are energy star rated. Windows have made huge strides in recent years and are far superior to windows of the past. These features not only make your new home more comfortable, but they will also save you money each month on utilities.

We use Guardian UltraFit wall insulation in most of our homes. Watch this video to see the benefits of this excellent insulation:

Everything is New – Everything will be new for you and your family to enjoy: New carpet, new appliances, new plumbing fixtures, new windows, etc. An older home could have many years of wear and tear, both in areas you can see and some you may not be able to see. New homes also have modern conveniences lacking in older homes. Taller ceilings, wider hallways, doorways, and stairwells all make for a much more comfortable home.

Customization – Schroetlin Custom Homes allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your new home. In many cases this even means designing the entire house plan from the ground up. If you prefer to start with one of our existing plans and modify it to your needs we can do that as well. From a sketch on a napkin to pictures in a magazine, we will take your inspiration and turn it into your new home. When you build new you can customize every aspect of your new home, which is impossible when you buy an existing home. Every aspect of your new home will be available for you to customize: Room sizes, exterior styles and finishes, cabinetry, appliances, flooring, basement finish, energy efficient features, security, home automation, etc. Whether it’s building a recessed niche for grandma’s hutch or a theater room in the basement, if you can imagine it we can design and build it.

Price – Even in today’s housing market our prices are competitive with existing pre owned homes. Yes, there are some homes out there that have an outrageous amount of square feet for the money and are less expensive than the replacement cost would be. I am married to a Realtor and have been to many of these homes that appear to be incredible deals. Almost every time there is a very good reason the home is available at a great price (undesirable location, obvious design issues, structural problems, need of major updating, etc.) You usually walk in the front door and say, “Oh, I see why it’s priced the way it is.”

Low Maintenance – Newer homes are built using low maintenance and long lasting materials. This translates to less upkeep for the homeowner. In an older home, you may have to deal with older appliances, obsolete plumbing and electrical and outdated styles and colors. As a new home owner, you will run into fewer maintenance issues. We provide a homebuilders warranty and many manufacturers supply additional warranties on materials and products.

Hopefully this has given you an overview on the benefits of building a new home. Visit our main website at for more information or contact us today to discuss building your new home.

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    Nice article. Enjoyed the YouTube video as well. Thanks! Let us know if we can help with any of your drywall needs.

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