2013 Trends in Interior Decorating: From Emerald Green to a Pin Stripe Suit

Now that spring has sprung and the ever torturous “spring cleaning” is upon us, take this opportunity to revamp your interiors. According to the Decoist website, Pantone’s color of the year is Emerald. Note it’s deep, rich hue as opposed to the bright, cheery colors of last year. Hue is achieved by adding black or white to the base color. The more black that is added, the deeper and richer it becomes. When searching to accent the emerald, keep with the same hue in purples and oranges, such as eggplant and burnt orange.

2013 Interior Design Trends

Rich eggplants and emeralds create a warm, cozy sitting area

Other colors suggested for this year included all purples, mustard yellow, shades of blue, particularly ocean blue and fiery orange. Again, this shade is a deeper, richer take on Pantone’s color of last year; tangerine. Grays also continue to be prevalent for interiors and exteriors.

Another trend for interior decorating is incorporating warm metals instead of the cooler silvers and platinums of the past few years. Gold and bronzes are making a comeback in any design style; however the polished brass look tends to lean more towards the contemporary style. This is similar to how chrome has become modernized within the past few years. So if you’re feeling brave, dust off that old brass chandelier and hang it back up!

Interior Design Fort Collins CO

Brass Pendant

Interior Design loveland co

Brushed gold drink cart

With the creation of pinterest, etsy.com and other “do-it-yourself” crafty sites, it seems as no surprise that crafty design will also be prominent in 2013. Look for “handmade” items such as rugs, pillows and knick knacks to be displayed throughout the home. Another easy way to do this is to incorporate your child’s art work in a special place, such as the kitchen. This not only parades some personalized art, but allows your child to build confidence by seeing their work on display. Change it out monthly to keep it fresh.

Northern colorado home builder

northern colorado interior designer

Child’s artwork displayed in a prominent location in the home, such as the kitchen

If you don’t have children or they are too old to contribute to this plan, take a trip to the local Target, Crate and Barrel or West Elm. Here you will find fabrics that include felted pieces and embroidery in a number of items such as pillows and rugs.

Other crafty inspirations include hand sketches, photos of handmade works, “imperfect” creations and items that are eclectic in nature. Pattern also comes into play: they will be inspired by African, Bulgarian and Mexican folklore… animals, culture and crafts will be seen. Don’t worry about being so “matchy-matchy”, clashing is completely acceptable with this trend. Also bold patterns with repetition, such as stripes, squares and dots will be seen in both fashion and interiors.

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Paper flowers with vase, West Elm

table lamp

Hand-made side table lamp

home builder timnath co

Embroidered floral rug

Natural materials have made a presence since the beginning of the “Green Movement”. Today’s trends will incorporate more of a sleek, less rustic appeal vs. the earthy and bulky trends of the past. Long gone is the antler chandelier…. You will see more linear wooden elements and lighter colored woods. The “less is more” theory applies here; just a touch of nature goes a long way. Neutrals and nudes are also considered a natural element, so feel free to accent with these shades of beige, blush, latte and taupe.

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Neutral tones, organic elements will be incorporated in a “less is more” way this season.

Last but not least, let some masculinity into your home. The deep hues of the emeralds, eggplants and shades of blue naturally attribute to this trend, but don’t count out the pattern. Men are spending more time at home and participating in the decisions about home design and the work/life balance. Think suit fabrics, pin stripes and argyles. This design style can also be seen with heavier furniture pieces and art work. Also incorporate high-tech gadgets even if you don’t know how to use them. Their presence alone will emulate masculinity.

interior design fort collins co

interior design timnath co

luxury home builder northern colorado

Masculine inspired interior decorating based on suit patterns, bulky furniture and deep, rich hues.

As you can see, there are many trends for 2013 that one can pick and choose from. Included are the deep, rich hues suggested here or a hand-made drawing that is brilliantly hung for all to see. Even if you steer clear of trendy things, keep in mind even the edgiest of designs are typically based on classic motifs. Keep it simple and it will stay classy and transitional. Also remember to utilize trends in a way that can be easily changed. The reason they are “trends” is that they are continually developing. Pick and choose which ones work in your current environments.

So regardless of whether you choose a deep shade of emerald accented with burnt orange, or decide to wallpaper an accent wall in a pretty pin stripe, Be bold…. Be daring…. Be you.

This article was written by Shannon Carlson, our in-house Interior Designer. When building a new home with Schroetlin Custom Homes, Shannon is available to help to guide you through the selection process. There are a lot of decisions, both interior and exterior, that go into building a new home. Some homeowners already know what they want and some seek guidance. Either way, it’s good to have a knowledgeable and friendly interior designer to make that process enjoyable and stress free. Contact us to discuss building your new home in Northern Colorado.






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