Homeowner Involvement During the Construction Process

Many of our clients are very involved in the entire planning and construction process.  Some choose not to be involved except for major decisions.  Here is a description of the two extremes of homeowner participation:

  • The Highly Involved Homeowner – This client will visit the jobsite multiple times a week and get to know subcontractors and suppliers very well.  They are very involved in product selection and analyzing which products will best fit in their new home.  When selecting windows this client will analyze several manufacturers, research online reviews and thoroughly evaluate colors and options.  We communicate with this clients several times a week either in person, through email or by phone. 
  • The Turnkey Homeowner – This client is looking for a turnkey new home experience.  They want to agree on the house plans and details up front.  From that point on they are not often involved in the details of the construction process on a daily basis.  When selecting windows, this client wants us to recommend a window based on our expertise and they only want a couple colors and options to choose from.

Many clients fit somewhere between these two descriptions.  Whatever involvement level you prefer we will do everything possible to accommodate you and make the home building process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Another determining factor is your location.  If you live in Northern Colorado it isn’t difficult to visit the jobsite.  We build many homes for out of state homeowners too.  They have decided to move to Colorado but will remain out of state until their new home is complete.  Obviously they can’t visit the jobsite very often.  We still do everything we can to keep this homeowner updated and informed during the construction process.  This is done through online job access, weekly email updates with pictures, and phone calls.

Schroetlin Custom Homes utilizes an online service that allows you to make selection decisions, approve changes, ask and answer questions, check progress information, review project files and more.  Wherever you have internet access you can stay informed about your new home.  Click here to view our flyer about this service.

Visit our Main Website at www.schroetlin.com

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